Post-Sales FAQs

What is the product warranty for my purchases?

Product Warranty are clearly indicated under T&C in your quotation.

If your items qualified for warranty support, they will be backed by respective Vendor Warranty Policies.

How long does it take to replace faulty items?

Faulty items that qualifies for replacementshall be sent to manufacturer, this shall usually takes 3 weeks or longer.

What is the process for Product Warranty Support?

Customer must first contact us via CS_Support@FGTAsia.Sg

Upon confirmation that your faulty product qualifies for Warranty Support, a unique RMA number for the faulty product will be for provided.

What is your RMA Process?

1. RMA # assigned will be valid for 30 days from the Date of Allocation. In case of non receipt of the material within the specified time period at our RMA Department, the RMA # issued will be cancelled.

2. All Returned Item must be accompanied by:

  • Purchase Order and/or Delivery Order, and
  • Official Fault Report Form, duly completed.

Please coordinate and work with our CS_Support@FGTAsia.Sg to verify that your form is 100% completed before sending.

3.To reduce the damage during transit, please use appropriate packaging materials to reduce further mechanical & Electro-static damage

4. On receipt of your RMA package, an email will be sent by the RMA dept. confirming receipt of the same.

5. The Replaced or repaired material under RMA will be sent to you as per instructions given by you. The material is usually included as and when the shipment for a new order is scheduled.

Handling Cost:

Please be accepted and understood that additional services charges will be incurred if FGT Asia find after inspection that

  • No Fault Found, and
  • Symptom(s) are caused by the mis-handling by the user.


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