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Passion for the best solution – is the slogan under which PFLITSCH acts successfully on the market and impresses customers worldwide with practical and safe product solutions in the field of industrial cable routeing. The PFLITSCH brand, with its striking hexagon, has an international reputation for "Made in Germany" quality with products that are exclusively manufactured in Germany.

A family-owned and managed company, PFLITSCH has more than just products like cable glands and trunking in focus, we also delight our customers with practical accessories, reliable design software, perfectly designed tools and machine tools as well as services ranging from individually packaged cable glands to ready-to-install trunking assemblies. This holistic approach is reflected in our slogan "We cross the established frontiers".

Technology leader PFLITSCH grew in stature in parallel with the cable gland product line. The main jobs of cable glands are to provide edge protection, a reliable seal and strain relief to the inserted cable. Both the UNI Dicht® and blueglobe® product ranges work on the principle of a large spherical sealing surface. This clever sealing principle relies on a “soft squeeze” pinching action and protects the cable. This prevents irreparable necking, ensures a long useful life and the highest safety.

PFLITSCH cable glands achieve type of protection of up to IP 68 and IP 69K. They are proof against the entry of dust and water under pressure and remain tight even during cleaning with jets of steam. PFLITSCH is setting standards in the field of EMC cable glands. For example, blue globe TRI® with its triangular spring is in great demand on the market.

With the split cable gland system UNI Split Gland®, PFLITSCH has completely splittable cable entries out of polycarbonate and zinc die casting in its range. The cable gland body and the pressure screw consist of two halves, the sealing inserts are slit at the side and thus allow preassembled cables to be pushed through them. PFLITSCH has another product solution that allows preassembled cables to be quickly and reliably fed through into enclosures: UNI Flange®. This flexible cable gland system with a two-part split frame delivers a highly effective seal, optimum strain relief as well as simplicity of assembly and disassembly. In fact the system UNI Flange® achieves IP 66 protection and class A strain relief in accordance with EN 62444.

PFLITSCH trunking routes cables safely and efficiently. For this task we rely on an ingenious modular system, which can also be customised to suit customers’ individual requirements for example, the insertion of cable harnesses into assembled trunking systems. The main advantages of our cable routeing systems are complete edge protection, integrated equipotential bonding, self-locking cap nuts and an easy-to-open trunking system. Furthermore PFLITSCH trunking systems have UL approvals for the North American market (USA and Canada).

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